Jobs at FDA AS

Sailors, skippers and divers

We are constantly in need of new employees, and if you find it interesting to work with us - send an email to adm @


Finnsnes Dykk & Anleggservice AS is approved as a apprenticeship in the sailor profession . If you want an apprenticeship with us - send an email to adm @ .

We must be a leader in quality, and offer modern and future-oriented products and services. It requires a high level of competence at all levels.

Keneth Larsen, chairman of the board

All of us who work in Finnsnes Dykk & Anleggservice AS must focus on the customer's needs. The customer must be able to trust us, and experience that we are unique in quality and reliability, both before, during and after delivery.

Being a leader in quality requires competence at all levels. All employees shall strive to develop their own skills, and the company shall facilitate the development of a learning culture and stimulate competence development.

What do we expect from you?

You should have a basic safety course and an approved medical certificate for seafarers before you apply for a job with us as a sailor or sailor apprentice. As a skipper, you must also have D6 / D5. If you are hired, we expect you to represent the company externally in a great way and keep our values ​​high. These are in key word form:

  • Reliable
  • Modern and looking forward
  • Quality conscious

We set strict quality requirements, and there is no room for deviating from these. We also have a culture of renewal, and expect everyone to contribute suggestions for change and improvement. You must also be prepared to complete the necessary courses for skills development.

What can you expect from us?

We are a leading, solid and offensive company in our area. We have long experience and high competence, and have well-equipped boats and good equipment. We can offer our employees:

  • Interesting and challenging work tasks
  • Good working enviroment
  • Neat and stable employment conditions
  • Competitive wage conditions
  • Kompetanseutvikling
  • Shift work on the boats
  • Coverage of travel to and from the workplace


Tom-Rune Elisussen is the general manager of Finnsnes Dykk & Anleggservice AS from 01.01.2024.

Tom-Rune Eliseussen

Telefon: 909 32 187 / tre @

Annett Behm works with personnel, including maintenance and development of competence

Annett Behm

Telefon 950 05 473 / annett @

Beathe Hoel works with invoices and accounts. She also has other administrative tasks

Beathe Hoel

Telefon: 400 10 839 / beathe @

Martin Lyngstad works with business development, HSE and quality. He aslo calculates quotation requests.

Martin Lyngstad

Telefon 411 40 480 / martin @

Espen Eliseussen is service manager with responsibility for the vessels NIKLAS and MIMMI.

Espen Eliseussen

Telefon 917 31 153 / espen @

Kenneth Aarberg is service manager with responsibility for the vessels FDA ASTRI, FDA FINN and EMILIE.

Kenneth Aarberg

Telefon 906 56 599 / koa @

Keneth Larsen is chairman of FDA AS. Keneth is also a diver and dive leader.

Keneth Larsen

Telefon 907 64 322 / keneth @