Service Vessel

FDA FINN joined the fleet in 2022. The vessel is currently on charter.

Main specifications below describe the general characteristics for the vessel.

Vessel Specifications

Port of RegistryTromsø
Built / Rebuilt2022, Salthammer Båtbyggeri AS
MaterialsShipbuilding steel: NVA, NVE-36 & Strenx 700 – Seawater resistant Aluminium: 5083 H321 and 6082-T6
Trading limitsEuropean Trade
IMO Number9925693
Ship TypeCoastCat25W
Call SignLGOX
Overall Length24.8 m
Breadth, mouldet13.0 m
Draught, service/draught, max2.6 m/3.3 m
Depth to main deck4.0 m
Main deck to bridge deck2.5 m
Gross Tonnage276 t
Net Tonnage110 t
Deadweightapp. 230 t
Main engines: Max Speed / Consumption11 Knots / 4 m3/24hrs
Main engines: Cruising Speed, 65% / Consumption8 Knots / 2 m3/24hrs
Main engines: Work in facilities / Consumption0 Knots / 0,9 m3/24hrs
Main AUX Scania D13:Max load and 400Kwa / ConsumptionE.g. use of bleeding systems / 1,73 m3/24hrs
Main AUX Scania D13: / ConsumptionWork in facilities with all HPU in progress / 0,46 m3/24hrs
AUX 2 John Deere 4,5L port generator / Consumption Max load and 65Kwa / 0,35 m3/24hrs
AUX 2 John Deere 4,5L port generator / Consumption Normal rural by the quay / 0,17 m3/24hrs
Fuel Capacityapp. 60 m3
Fresh Waterapp 30 m3
Sustained pollard pullapp 16-17 tonn
Roll Reduction Tanks83 m³ at boat deck level
Water Ballastapp 75 m3
Cargo deckapp 175 m2
Cargo hold (SB/PS)app. 90/60 m3
Container-arrangement,4 pcs. 20’ ISO
Cradle in Bridge deckPolarCirkel 580

Power specifications

Main engine2 x Scania DI16 079M,16L V8 cyl, 750 BHP @1800RPM
Harbour Genrator1 x Nogva Deere 4045TFM50, Appr. 53 kWe @1500 RPM (50Hz)
Electric systemGenerator voltage 3x400V, 50Hz
24V DC emergency supply
32 Ampere outlet for deck equipment
63 Ampere outlet for deck equipment
80 Ampere Shore connection
ConfigurationDiesel Electric
Propellers2 x Finnøy P44.15.170.4D, Ø1.7m – 4 blades, CPP
Rudder2 x Finnøy RD170x0,45 HS, Rudder nozzle w/NACA-profile, L/D-ratio 0.45
Aux-engine1 x Nogva Scania DI13 075M, Appr. 400 kWe @1500 RPM (50Hz)
Gear2 x Finnøy G42FK red. 7.04:1 w/ 2x PTO, each 950Nm
Steering gear2 x Steering gear for catamaran (Twin powered, electronic synchronized)
Side thrusters:4 x Tunnel thrusters, each 120kW hydraulic
Manoeuvring system:1x Electronic motor-, pitch- & thruster control system, 2 control panels
Positioning system:1 x Dynamic position system w/ follow ROV

Deck machinery

Cranes1 x Effer 200002 FDA, 4,77T@21,4m- Winch 8T
1 x Effer 100001 FDA 2,1T@20,5m- Winch 5T
Winch1 x SHM 80T Winch w/load cell & emg. release
1 x SHM 30T Winch secondary drum
Capstans3 x SHM 5T capstans
Stern roller1 x Stern roller Ø800mm
Safety deck equipment1 x SHM Pair of closed Towing pins 20T
1 x SHM Shark-jaw MWL 100T
1 x SHM Moving Plate holder w/hydr. lock 20T
ExtraMobile slaughterhouse can be installed

Navigation Systems

Satelitte CompassSC-70
Speed Log
Echo Sounder and WASSP DFF1 UHD, WASSP F3XL
Wind and current sensors
DPw/ follow ROV function
Underwater lights

Special systems

TimeZero professionalIMO godkjent satellittkompass: SC-70
Ekkolodd: DFF1 UHD
Multistrålelodd: WASSP F3XL
Strømlogg CI-68
ROV system1 x Sperre SUB-Fighter 10k w/ Winch 22/1000 & Bridge ROV control chair
Hydraulic power pack:1 x SHM HPU: 3x 65 kW, all LS-pumps
Total system capacity: appr. 600L/min @ 300 bar
HP washing system1 x Hammelman pump, 600L/220Bar/250kW
Work light
Underwater light


WheelhouseWheelhouse with workstation for manoeuvring
and watchman forward, workstations aft for each
manoeuvring and ROV pilot (optional), office
space and rest chairs

Ventilation plant with separate defroster in
Cabin TypesAll accommodation located ab. freeboard deck
4 cabins, accommodating up to 5 persons
Private bathroom in all cabins

Mess/dayroomCombined mess-/dayroom with A/V-facilities
Satellite TV system
Wi-Fi internet
GalleySeparate galley with adjacent provision room
Wardrobe with toilet cubicle
Client cabin1


Tom-Rune Elisussen is the general manager of Finnsnes Dykk & Anleggservice AS from 01.01.2024.

Tom-Rune Eliseussen

Telefon: 909 32 187 / tre @ fda.no

Annett Behm works with personnel, including maintenance and development of competence

Annett Behm

Telefon 950 05 473 / annett @ fda.no

Beathe Hoel works with invoices and accounts. She also has other administrative tasks

Beathe Hoel

Telefon: 400 10 839 / beathe @ fda.no

Martin Lyngstad works with business development, HSE and quality. He aslo calculates quotation requests.

Martin Lyngstad

Telefon 411 40 480 / martin @ fda.no

Espen Eliseussen is service manager with responsibility for the vessels NIKLAS and MIMMI.

Espen Eliseussen

Telefon 917 31 153 / espen @ fda.no

Kenneth Aarberg is service manager with responsibility for the vessels FDA ASTRI, FDA FINN and EMILIE.

Kenneth Aarberg

Telefon 906 56 599 / koa @ fda.no

Keneth Larsen is chairman of FDA AS. Keneth is also a diver and dive leader.

Keneth Larsen

Telefon 907 64 322 / keneth @ fda.no