Prosjekter utført av Finnsnes Dykk & Anleggservice AS

Finnsnes Dykk & Anleggservice AS has carried out a number of projects along the entire coast of Northern Norway, including assignments with submarine pipelines, submarine cables.

Sea lines Tromsø Airport

Start Dato: 2021/11

Ferdigstilt: 2021/11

Sted: Tromsø, Troms

Subcontractor sea pipelines in connection with the expansion of Tromsø Airport. Laying and lowering 318 m Ø500, and 313 m Ø710 in collaboration with Roald Madsen AS.

Installation of fish farm

Start dato: 2021/08

Ferdigstilt dato: 2021/09

Sted: Sør for Bodø, Nordland

Installation of fish farm

Andøya Space

Start dato: 2021/12

Ferdigstilt: 2021/12

Sted: Dyrøy

FDA ASTRI on salvage of precipitation from space - balloon and payload that had ended up in the sea in Dyrøysundet. The satellite was found at a depth of 23 meters using sonar on an ROV

Salvage of "Lykken"

Start dato: 2022/2

Ferdigstilt: 2022/2

Sted: Nordvågen, Nordkapp

NIKLAS saves the schooner LYKKEN in Nordvågen in the North Cape.

Water pipeline Ørnes-Reipå Harbor for Meløy municipality

Startdato: 2021/09

Ferdigstilt: 2021/09

Sted: Meløy, Nordland

Finnsnes Dykk & Anleggservice AS had the main contract: 7 km of sea pipelines. Water pipeline Ørnes - Reipå Havn. Ø225 PE 100 SDR 11.

Seawater pipelines for Harstad municipality, Harstad south contract E4

Start dato: 2019/12

Ferdigstilt dato: 2021/12

Sted: Harstad, Troms

Finnsnes Dykk & Anleggservice AS was the main contractor for the project Harstad south enterprise E4 Sjøledningen (approx. 7 km). The undertaking includes pumping lines in the sea from pumping stations in Ruggevik, Holtet and Medkila up to Stangnes Syd RA as well as discharge facilities from the treatment plant. Total lengths of pump lines; Ruggevika PS – Holtet PS DN 200 PE100 SDR 13.6 length = approx. 1750 m, Holtet PS – Stangnes Syd RA, DN 250 PE100 SDR 13.6, length = approx. 2500 m, and Medkila PS – Stangnes Syd RA, DN 250 PE 100 SDR 13.6, length = approx. 2200 m. Discharge line Stangnes Syd RA: 2 x DN280 PE100 SDR 17, total length approx. 1100 m (2×550 m). The undertaking also includes overflow lines to the sea from pumping stations and RA. Overflow line from Stangnes south RA; DN280 PE100 SDR 17, length approx. 200 m, and storm water line/overflow internal pumping station Stangnes Syd RA, DN250 PE100 SDR 17, total length approx. 150. Medkila and Ruggevika PS; DN355 PE 100 SDR 17 120 m and 110 m.

NLEAS Industrial Area Børøya, Sortland

Start Dato: 2019/10

Ferdigstilt: 2019/10

Sted: Sortland, Nordland

Subcontractor Seawater pipeline project 11020 NLEAS Industrial area Børøya. Company 04. Approx. 2000 m Ø280 / 315 PE 100 SDR 11

Seawater pipelines Salmar, Klubben

Startdato: 2020/6

Ferdigstilt: 2020/9

Sted: Gisundet, Senja, Troms

Subcontractor seawater pipelines Salmar, Klubben. Laying of 6.5 km Ø355 mm discharge line, and laying of 4.5 km Ø710 intake line. In addition, a 6.5 km Ø160 discharge line was laid.

Troms broodstock station, Salmar

First project: 2016

Second project: 2018

Sted: Stonglandseidet, Senja

Laying of 500 m Ø710 PE 100 SDR17 seawater intake, and 2 x 250 m Ø400 PE100 discharge lines in 2016. Troms Broodstock Station, SalMar: Delivery and installation of 75 meters Ø400 SDR 17 discharge line in 2018.

Sea pipelines for Senja municipality, water supply, Klubben

Startdato: 2020/12

Ferdigstilt: 2021/12

Sted: Gisundet, Senja, Troms

Main contractor contract E3 Sjøledninger vannforsyning Klubben. The contract covers approx. 7 km of sea pipelines Ø355 PE 100 SDR 9 for water supply on three sections across Gisundet, 160 m Ø255 PE 100 SDR 26 discharge pipeline and 240 m Ø 355 PE 100 SDR 26 flushing pipelines.

Sea cables for Salmar, Ytre Bringenes

Start Dato: 2021/11

Ferdigstilt: 2021/11

Sted: Medfjorden, Senja, Troms

2 x 11-1200 meters - in collaboration with J M Hansen.

Sea cables for Salmar, Larstangen

Start dato: 2019/01

Ferdigstilt dato: 2019/01

Sted: Larstangen, Vannøya, Troms

1355 meters of submarine cable with fiber - in collaboration with J M Hansen.