Finnsnes Dykk & Anleggservice AS


Kilometers of sea lines closed


Employees including administrative staff


Years of experience as a maritime contractor


Long-term charter in the aquaculture industry


FDA AS a maritime contractor. We are over 40 skilled and service-oriented divers, sailors and boat drivers who focus on quality, safety and the environment. Our vessels have a permanent crew who have extensive experience and broad expertise within our specialist areas. We have prepared a Safety Management System in EQS.


Service boats

FDA MIMMI and NIKLAS are ready for large and small assignments. If vessels are needed for other work operations, we also have others available. FDA ASTRI, FDA FINN and FDA HANS are on long-term charter.


Diving team

The diving team can show up at the agreed location by car or with our fast-moving diving boat KAREN.



Our office at Finnsnes has the visiting address Strandveien 112. Here we also have a warehouse and reception for equipment via car and over the quay.

Invoice address: 

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Finnsnes Dykk & Anleggservice AS was established in 2002 by Keneth Larsen. In the beginning, it was mainly diving services that were provided. In 2008, the first service boat was purchased, and the same year the company was organized as an AS. From 2008 until now, investments have been made in several service boats and a diving boat. FDA AS is 100% owned by Keneth Larsen Holding AS.


Tom-Rune Elisussen is the general manager of Finnsnes Dykk & Anleggservice AS from 01.01.2024.

Tom-Rune Eliseussen

Telefon: 909 32 187 / tre @

Annett Behm works with personnel, including maintenance and development of competence

Annett Behm

Telefon 950 05 473 / annett @

Beathe Hoel works with invoices and accounts. She also has other administrative tasks

Beathe Hoel

Telefon: 400 10 839 / beathe @

Martin Lyngstad works with business development, HSE and quality. He aslo calculates quotation requests.

Martin Lyngstad

Telefon 411 40 480 / martin @

Espen Eliseussen is service manager with responsibility for the vessels NIKLAS and MIMMI.

Espen Eliseussen

Telefon 917 31 153 / espen @

Kenneth Aarberg is service manager with responsibility for the vessels FDA ASTRI, FDA FINN and EMILIE.

Kenneth Aarberg

Telefon 906 56 599 / koa @

Keneth Larsen is chairman of FDA AS. Keneth is also a diver and dive leader.

Keneth Larsen

Telefon 907 64 322 / keneth @