FDA AS's sustainability goals

FDA shall:
Help ensure that our customers in the farming industry produce healthy and nutritious seafood (2, 3, 17).
Have a continuous focus on competence development so that we meet demands from customers and
public management (4)
Offer attractive workplaces, good working conditions, profitability and contribute to economic growth and
employment (spinal effects) with our customers and in other industries locally, regionally and nationally (8)
Contribute to developing new technology and smarter production in aquaculture in collaboration with suppliers
and customers (12)
Move with optimal energy use, and use shore power when we are docked where it is convenient
for this (12, 13)
Carry out the necessary handling of fish as ethically and gently as possible to safeguard animal welfare (12)
Continuously develop our procedures to meet demands from our customers and public administration (14, 17)
Helping our customers to "do more with less", by increasing efficiency and
maximize production while reducing the impact on the sea and environment (12, 14, 17)
Treat all waste in accordance with waste plans on board, and reuse materials when it is prudent
based on a safety assessment (12)


General manager Keneth Larsen is the founder and owner of FDA AS. Keneth is also a diver and dive leader.

Keneth Larsen

Telefon: 907 64 322 / keneth @ fda.no

Annett Behm works with personnel, including maintenance and development of competence

Annett Behm

Telefon 950 05 473 / annett @ fda.no

Beathe Hoel works with invoices and accounts. She also has other administrative tasks

Beathe Hoel

Telefon: 400 10 839 / beathe @ fda.no

Martin Lyngstad works with business development, HSE and quality. He aslo calculates quotation requests.

Martin Lyngstad

Telefon 411 40 480 / martin @ fda.no

Espen Eliseussen is service manager with responsibility for the vessels NIKLAS and MIMMI.

Espen Eliseussen

Telefon 917 31 153 / espen @ fda.no

Kenneth Aarberg is service manager with responsibility for the vessels FDA ASTRI, FDA FINN and EMILIE.

Kenneth Aarberg

Telefon 906 56 599 / koa @ fda.no