Service vessel/work vessel

FDA MIMMI joined the fleet in august 2023.

Main specifications below describe the general characteristics for the vessel.

Vessel Specifications

Port of RegistryTromsø
Built / Rebuilt2023, Fitjar Mekaniske Verksted AS
Trading limitsEuropean Trade
IMO Number9974668
Ship TypeSenjaklassen, FMV W34M
Call SignJXPK
Overall Length34 m
Breadth, mouldet12.60 m
Depth moulded/draught, service/draught, max4,6 m
Draught mouldedN/A
Main deck to bridge deckN/A
Gross Tonnage495 t
Net Tonnage700 t
Deadweightapp. — t
Main engines: Max Speed / Consumption12 Knots / 4,8 m3/24hrs
Main engines: Cruising Speed, 65% / Consumption8 Knots / 2,4 m3/24hrs
Main engines: Work in facilities / Consumption0 Knots / 0,5 m3/24hrs
Main AUX:Max load and 400Kwa / ConsumptionN/A
Main AUX: / ConsumptionN/A
AUX 2 port generator / ConsumptionN/A
AUX 2 port generator / ConsumptionN/A
Fuel Capacityapp. 50 m3
Fresh Waterapp 25,0 m3
Sustained pollard pull43 ton
Roll Reduction TanksN/A
Water Ballastapp 100,0 m3
Cargo deckapp 210 m2 / 135 t
Cargo hold (SB/PS)N/A
Container-arrangement,Customized for 10/20 ft container at main deck
Cradle in Bridge deckN/A

Power specifications

Main engineYanmar 1340kw
Battery pack1444kw battery integrated with ESS, IAS and PMS
PropellersFinnøy Ø3000mm.
RudderScan Steering fishtail
Aux-engineCat C32-SR5 940 ekW
GearFinnøy 2trinns gear, pti-pto 1000kw
Steering gearScan Steering
Side thrusters: Shottel el. thustere, 300KW back, 350KW in front
Manoeuvring system:Finnøy
Positioning system:Navy Rørvik (J-POS) DP0 and Hipap
Shore current/shore connetionScheme for 230/400V, 50 Hz shore current with 35 meter cable, as well as IEC shore connection

Deck machinery

CranesPalfinger PFM 4500 main tap (330tm) mounted at the rear of the main deck. Lifting capacity 10 m 32.000kg 21m 14.500kg

2 pcs. Palfinger PK150000 STB og BB (105tm) mounted to port on A-deck, and forward on A-deck. Lifting capacity 4,2m 22.500kg 21,5m 3500kg.
WinchSHM 80t. el. winch. Capacity 4800m 40mm 2100m 60mm

SHM40t el. winch. Capacity 2750m 40mm 1200m 60mm

The winches are electric, connected to the battery pack and generate electricity for the battery when pulling out ropes etc.

3 pcs. SHM E-VT5 el. 5t Tugger winches connected to the battery pack located on the STB side, capacity 60m Ø16mm wire.

Anchor winch – 2X anchor winch on bow.
CapstansCapstan 5t STB side
Electric and connected to the battery pack.
Stern roller1 pcs. Ø1000 mm, length 4 m. Dimensioned winch with SWL up to 85t.
Safety deck equipmentSHM Plate lock, rope lock, shark jaw, rope pins:
Plate lock BB side SWL 25T with clamping force on plate 40T
SHMT Rope lock WLL 20T STB side
SWL 100T shark jaw adapted chain with Ø32 mm – Ø92 mm
2 pcs. SWL 45T rope pins

Everything is electric and connected to the battery pack.
ExtraOMAC F150.55 rotary stand for cable laying.
Capasity 55t on RT36/40 steelreel.

Electrically driven working air compressor with 0.5 m3 tank. Capacity with 7.5 bar; 480 m3/h

Navigation Systems

RadarFuruno DRS 6A Radar 6kW, open
RadioVHF Furuno FM-8900 GMDSS
VHF, Jotron, type TR20, antenna type CX4
1 Jotron 83010 Tron SART Radar transponder
1 Navtex
Chart-plotterFuruno Time Zero Chart Vector
IMO-godkjent GPS type JRC JLR21 GPS GYRO
AutopilotSimrad AP70
Speed LogFuruno
Echo Sounder and WASSPKongsberg Multibeam Sonar EM2040P MK2. Approved for the acquisition of data for mapping works. The client may possibly log on to the equipment from the office, and insert the desired parameter for the desired data.
Wind and current sensors Gill windsensor and Furuno current sensor
ECDISYes (Tecdis)
DPJ-pos DP0, not certified.
AISAIS, Jotron TR-8000
VHF antenna type CX4
Underwater lights5 pcs. underwater light on STB side with camera, 2 pcs. on stern.

Special systems

TimeZero professionalN/A
ROV systemArgus Mariner MK2 ROV, 2 manipulators, 1800m cable. Sonar. ROV boretool, up to 6m length 100mm drill bit. ROV placed in its own ROV garage on the STB side with LARS which enables operations in rough conditions.

Kongsberg HiPAP 352, ROV positioning. HiPAP (High Precision Acoustic Positioning. Can also communicate with Kongsberg Hugin AUV for mapping large depths/areas. Transducers connected to HiPAP can be placed e.g. on the seabed, divers, various equipment for positioning.
Hydraulic power pack:Bergen hydraulic
Washing systemElectric high pressure washer with hot freshwater and cold seawater.
Fifi system, Jason monitor, capacity 300 m3/t 10 bar and 70m throw length.
Work light2 stk. Luminell spotlights with 6,2 km range.
Underwater light5 pcs. underwater light on STB side with camera, 2 pcs. on stern.


Wheelhouse3 wheelhouse chairs
Seating area
Office desk and chair
Cabin Types1 lugar, 2 person, main deck with shower and WC.
5 lugar, 1 person main deck. Shower and WC in each lugar.
Mess/dayroomMess, dayroom, WC /Drying room / large wardrobe at main deck with WC and wash, wash room
GalleyAt main deck
Client cabin1, 2 person

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Tom-Rune Elisussen er framkvæmdastjóri Finnsnes Dykk & Anleggservice AS frá 01.01.2024.

Tom-Rune Eliseussen

Telefon: 909 32 187 / tre @ fda.no

Annett Behm vinnur með starfsfólki. Þetta felur einnig í sér viðhald og þróun hæfni

Annett Behm

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Martin Lyngstad starfar við viðskiptaþróun, HSE og gæði. Auk þess reiknar hann út tilboðsbeiðnir.

Martin Lyngstad

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Espen Eliseussen er þjónustustjóri með ábyrgð á skipunum NIKLAS og MIMMI.

Espen Eliseussen

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Kenneth Aarberg er þjónustustjóri með ábyrgð á skipunum FDA ASTRI, FDA FINN og EMILIE.

Kenneth Aarberg

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